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The ultimate baby pulka to cross-country ski with your kids.

BABY GLIDER® is the best solution to cross country ski, snowshoe and walk with you children in the snow. From the age of 6 months, infants and children ride safely in the baby pulka sitting or lying as their age and mood require. 



When children are older and begin skiing and hiking themselves, it is great to take the BABY GLIDER® along for when they tire and need a break. The pulkas are made from light and strong materials and are easily pulled by male and female skiers or hikers.

Based on an original design by Richard Weber, well-known Canadian polar explorer, the BABY GLIDER® ski pulka is now manufactured in Quebec by Blanchon a pulka specialist for both children and expeditions for many years.


The BABY GLIDER® pulka is the ideal way for active skiing families to continue to enjoy cross-country skiing – classic or skating  ... in the company of their young children. You can also use this baby pulka while snowshoeing or when simply taking a casual walk on snow.

So this winter, leave your baby-sitter behind and get out and enjoy the outdoors with your kids!

This high quality sled is designed with the comfort of both skier or hiker and child in mind. A shock absorption system inside the pole provides a smooth ride for the child and a more comfortable motion for the skier or hiker.

The child is well protected from the elements by a bubble windshield. A full-length, two-way zipper allows easy access to the front of the sled for storing extra clothing, food, etc. The harness and built-in crashbar in the seat add extra security in the event of a spill.  Molded runners in the base of the sled are designed to fit into standard-width groomed trails and also allow to better steer the sled and keep it balanced on flat compacted snow.

The size and aerodynamic shape of this baby pulka ensure a perfect glide and stability on snow.

Thanks to BABY GLIDER®, cross country skiing, snowshoeing or hiking in the snow finally become fun activities for the whole family. 

Before BABY GLIDER®, children were wondering what could be hiding behind these trees. They can now discover superb sceneries and benefit from a unique experience that only, before BABY GLIDER® came, adults could appreciate.